A bunch of happy ladies at one of SWA's events...

A bunch of happy ladies at one of SWA's events...


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... started out as an auxiliary to the Scandinavian Society of Singapore (SSS) in 1975, on the initiative of a Norwegian lady, Ms Marit Thome. At the closure of SSS in 1995, the SWA was formally registered as the Scandinavian Women’s Association.

The Scandinavian Women's Association (SWA) is a social and charitable organisation. Its goal is to establish a good network among women from all nationalities. The Association wants to be a rallying point for e.g. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish women who have come to live in Singapore.

As expats, the members enjoy a relatively privileged life, which is why they wish to use their time and money to help some of those less fortunate. For SWA, it is essential that they support the Singaporean society through charitable activities directed at some of the less fortunate people here in Singapore.

SWA offers members the opportunity to establish good networks with women of similar interests, and SWA organises frequent events such as Ladies Nights and Ladies Business Nights for its members, where members can learn, share experiences, thoughts and build friendships.