Why become a member of SWA?

Becoming an SWA member will give you the opportunity to meet new people, get to know Singapore and learn new skills, while contributing to a charity that supports the less fortunate in our community.

To become a supporter, receiving invites to our events and helping our local charity work, we simply ask for an annual donation of SGD $80. This is what happens to the money we raise through your donations, our fundraising events and from corporate sponsors:

  • Donations: directly to charity
  • Events: any profit made goes directly to charity
  • Sponsors: SWA admin (e.g. website and marketing material) + directly to charity 


  • You support local charities
  • Discounted entry to SWA events  
  • Offers / discounts from our sponsors
  • You are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, making you eligible to join the board

Annual fee is SGD 80. 

Please note that the SWA Board works on a voluntary basis and all money raised goes directly to charity.



To make the donation of SGD 80, simply click at the above link and pay with your credit card via PayPal - we will receive all the information we need when you sign up with PayPal.

You can also donate by bank transfer to:

OCBC Bank (Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation)
Bank code -  7339
Bank Branch code - 647
Bank account –  305986001

You can also make a FAST bank transfer:
OCBC - Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation
Account number: 647305986001

Remember to fill in your name as a reference, or send us an e-mail with the transaction details and information regarding your bank and account no.

For any inquiries please contact our membership team via e-mail or speak to any of the SWA board members at an event.